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The website of Stuart Pawson, the creator and author of the D.I. Charlie Priest mysteries.

We hope you like the re-hashed site. Readers’ comments have all been favourable although we always have time for a few more. We will try to keep you informed and, hopefully, interested in what’s happening in Charlie Priest’s world, and also include a few photographs from the life and career progression of a hot-shot crime writer (me!).

In the stories I have tried to use popular, and some not-so-popular, locations from differing areas of the country, and I like to think that this enhances the pleasure to be found in the books. Photos from some of these can be found in the Photo Gallery (see menu on the left) while the Diary/Blog and News will keep you abreast of developments in our wicked world of criminality.

As it says on the t-shirt: “So many books; so little time.” Happy reading. SP

Watch this space .....